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What about us

We Are Not Friends is an evolution from pre-teens ages to adult life growing at our own “creative speed”.

When we were in primary school we were fascinated by NBA and Upper Deck cards and listened to Santana, CREAM, Lez Zeppelin… Later in high school we went into hip-hop, RPG like D&D and Magic The Gathering and comics from Moebius and Jodorowsky to Dark Horse.

Relates with basketball, hip hop, skate, psychedelic rock, Dali, 90’s MTV and of course adult cartoons are part of We Are Not Friends roots.

That’s what we know as cultural knowledge



We Are Not Friends cannot be explained in text, We Are Not Friends is a way to put all this together and add all our human contradictions to it, including good and bad times. We see the language in anger and at the same time we see the language in laughs, and at the end we embrace everything we’ve come through in our lives because it was necessary to get us here. Today we express our lives by creating funny graphics and nice clothes.

If we had the words, we wouldn't have to design and our graphics speak loud enough.

We Are Not Friends is an open book where we can write new chapters every day and try to reflect it on our next graphic work. 

We considered We Are Not Friends a chance to tell a different story and create a new perception.

The brand started with a desire to make good products, surprise audience, spread creativity and makes you smile.

We feel like there is a certain authenticity and depth associated with our products that goes deeper than the look.



Environmental care is concerning us as well. Our items are produced in Portugal and we try to reduce our carbon footprint by avoiding the use of plastic in our products and packaging.

Anyway... we don’t want to bore you anymore, HAVE FUN, WE ARE NOT FRIENDS!

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